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  • Sonia Gavira

Innovation - Ideas, ingenuity and imagination for 21st century success

Innovation - Ideas, Ingenuity, Imagination

So far we have spoken about adding value and creating connections. In order to add value, an organisation will need to innovate – and innovation will mean new ideas, products and services re-imagined. And those ideas will come from all around….

Getting closer to the customer, to suppliers to competitors and to organisations in other sectors serving your customer, will help fuel innovation.

Breaking down silos within the organisation will enable another source of innovation – one that is focused on adding value to the customer.

It will mean that operating systems and organisational structures will need to reflect this new focus on adding value to the customer, which in turn will enable innovation.

The open, fluid nature of the company will encourage new ways of innovating too. This will no longer be the remit of a group of people in the company but will be harnessed from all stakeholders and any group within the organisation who is best equipped at the time to do it may implement the ideas.

  • How do you think about innovation?

  • Are you enabling ideas to emerge and be actionable?

  • How long does it take to get something from an idea into a feasible product or service?

  • What is the aim of innovation in your company?

  • What could you do better in this respect?

Contact me at to discuss how you can really fuel innovation at your organisation and what it could mean for you.

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