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Supercharge team performance through motivation



  • Are your people and teams motivated and engaged?

  • Are the teams in your organisation effective enough?

  • Are your people and teams motivated and engaged?

  • Are the teams in your organisation effective enough?

  • Are they continually striving to perform better?

  • Are individuals in those teams taking responsibility for their own performance and wellbeing at work?

  • Are they helping each other do better?

  • Are you able to help each individual member of your team do better?

If you answered "no" to any of those questions, then we have a solution for you.

Helen from Forum Jewellers in Broadstone, Poole, says:

"I approached Sonia for help when staff morale seemed a little low and leadership style was questioned. As well as sound advice and support Sonia also suggested Motivational Maps, to find out what motivates the staff. Staff carried out a Motivational Map and Sonia put together an afternoon programme to work with the team on the outcomes. Despite working with most of my staff for 17 years I learnt things about them that I had no idea about. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to improve team engagement and performance. Sonia’s passion and ability to lead a team through training is amazing. We now have a team that understand themselves and each other, are full of motivation, plus have the tools to keep working with them. We are delighted with the result and look forward to working with Sonia again."

Motivational Maps is a hugely accessible, easy to understand tool that enables each

individual in the organisation to:

  • Understand what motivates them

  • Understand how motivated they are right now

  • Develop a plan to increase motivation

  • Learn how to help others increase their motivation


And will help you as the leader or manager of the team, engage each and every individual in the team and guide them to work better together.

The maps can be produced for individuals, teams and whole organisations.

There are a number of options that we can explore, from individual maps for each team member with and online learning module to help them work through their maps, to individual map debriefing sessions and coaching sessions, to team development workshops using the Team Map.

To find out more about Motivational Maps and how to use them, download our free guide here.

Then either send me an email to or call me on 01202383343 to try out a Motivational Map and talk about how we can use them to supercharge your people's motivation and performance.

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