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Finding your why and planning to get there with everyone on board

So many people I meet in business dread "Strategic Plans" and "Action Plans" time. It seems to be that in many organisations it is a requirement to spend some time producing documents every year that then have no relevance for most people within the organisation.

Not surprising then!

And yet in those same organisations, people complain that they don't understand what the organisation is trying to do and where it is going.

Knowing where you are going and how you plan to get there with everyone pulling in the same direction is essential for success. And in this era of unprecedented change it is even more important that this becomes something that you integrate into your organisation in a way that makes sense to you and your people.

At valueU we will work with you and the key people in your organisation, to create visual plans that are easy to understand and communicate with the everyone. We will then take those plans and work with the people who are actually going to turn them into reality, to create action plans to get you there.

We will also help you build in review mechanisms to ensure that the decisions you made at the planning process continue to be relevant throughout the term of the plan and that you can flex and adapt to any important changes that happen in your market.

Sonia spent several days with our International Executive Board (non-profit) facilitating our strategic planning process. With people from all over the world, Sonia was tremendous in bringing us all together and staying focused. Her expertise in strat planning, great communication skills including much needed Spanish, and her super friendly and positive personality made her a joy to work with ... as well as getting us to where we needed to be.

Barry Siff -  International Triathlon Union (ITU) Executive Board.President, USA Triathlon Board of Directors. Athlete. Writer.

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