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What you need for success in the 21st century and beyond

“The world is changing”


Have you heard that before? Well yes, doh!


And you know what? It is now changing at such a rate that more and more people and organisations are struggling to keep up let alone get ahead of the change. You need a strategy that is fit not only for today but also for tomorrow, with leadership that can take you there.


But there are those that not only get ahead but also lead the change and those organisations have a number of things in common, and at valueU we can work with you to instil all of this in your organisation and ensure you are one of the ones that at a minimum, thrive in this era of unprecedented change.


So what do they have in common?


Clear purpose and direction


Or as Simon Sinek, says, they know their WHY.

When things around us are in so much flux, being able to see and focus on what your core purpose is and find a path or a number of paths to get there is key. And just in case you are about to ask, NO, it doesn’t mean you are not flexible , on the contrary it allows you to be flexible on the HOW without losing sight of what is important.


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Putting human back into business - it's all about the people


Even in an age of Artificial Intelligence and scaremongering about how robots are going to take all jobs, it is still all about the people. Those organisations who are most successful increasingly invest in finding and keeping the best people in or close to their organisations. It is about true employee engagement. It's about enabling their people to find themselves and in so doing, navigate the future with ease, comfort and excitement. And that means reviewing and refreshing how people work, what motivates them, what skills they need now and in the future, how you help them develop and grow, how leaders need to behave, think and act to not only take the organisation forward but do so with their people, and so much more.


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Make innovation part of your DNA


And when we talk about innovation, it rarely starts with a blank sheet of paper and often is about rethinking, reframing, repurposing and reimagining. To do this we work  in partnership with Leaps and a process they have developed to engage your key people in innovation projects, be they new products and services, new marketing and communications initiatives or even new processes and ways of working.


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It is becoming increasingly important to leverage resources, skills, time, thinking from more than just your own organisation. Hence we work with Leaps for Innovation and we have a network of specialists that we draw on when a project demands it in other areas.  You need to not only map and know your stakeholders, but also think more broadly about who you collaborate with and how. From whole organiations, to individuals and everything in between. There is innovation work to do in this area of connections for all of us.


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