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  • Sonia Gavira

Trust - this is the big one for success in the 21st century!

Trust - Lived as a core value and demonstrated through all behaviours from everyone

So for success in the 21st century, we have had:

  • Value

  • Networked, open and fluid

  • Innovation

  • Human Capital Enterprise

and as if those weren't big enough, now we have TRUST and this one is huge!

In order to leverage all of the other attributes, Trust has to be central to how the organisation behaves towards all its stakeholders.

How can an employee come to work with the desire to give as much as he or she can and do their best, if they don’t trust you or feel trusted by you?

Why would someone buy from you if they don’t trust you?

Trust is one of those words that is easy to say and yet means different things to different people and is created in different ways too.

However you will not leverage the power of your people to create value for your customers without it; you will not create the open, networked environment that is required in the 21st century without it, innovation will be difficult and your organisation will not be the human capital enterprise that will allow for the rest to happen.

  • So what is your interpretation of trust?

  • How trustful is your current environment?

  • How is this demonstrated?

  • At what level do you measure it?

  • How could you make it a core value?

  • What could you do to show that it is a core value inside and out that is respected and rewarded?

Although it has come last in the series, Trust is a key foundation for success in any organisation, so we will be looking at it in more detail in the next posts. For now have a look at "Creating and leading a pan european organisation" to see an example of trust in action.

If any of this strikes the right chord with you, if you are looking at your organisation and saying to yourself, we are ripe for a change that brings us closer to our customers to enable our success, we need to get clearer on what our purpose is, we have to get the pillars right in our organisation, then do get in touch. Let's grab a coffee or a glass of wine and talk about how we can partner with you to get you to where you want to be.

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