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About us

Passionate, collaborative, challenging partners, passionate about your success– those are a few words to describe everyone who forms part of our team and of how we work.


Fun, values driven, caring –those are also words to describe each and every one of us.


A holistic approach to your business needs - how we work

The picture above is a depiction of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by 2030. Being honest, I was introduced to them a few years ago by a friend working in innovation for organisations. 

These 17 goals are goals that we at valueU want to help deliver, in whatever way we can and with whomever wants to go on the journey with us. Every organisation can play a part in achieving them.  There are members of the team who are more aligned to some than others as you will be.

It is here because it says something about who we are and the part we want to play in the world.

In an era of unprecedented change, we aim to help you embrace that change, be a part of it, influence it and successfully grow your organisation in a way that will also do good in the world.

And we want to do it with passion, curiosity, knowledge and fun!

To find out more about the SDGs, go to our resources section and find links to more information.

‪Marketing Director presso FORD ITALIA SPA


‪During her collaboration with Ford Motor Company, within the Consumer Experience Movement, Sonia has been a terrific coach and moreover an inspiration for all her colleagues/team mates. She has helped a lot in the difficult task of instilling a completely new culture in that environment, more focused on people rather than just on processes. It has been a privilege working with her - professionality, enthusiasm and dedication are her strenghts. Thank you Sonia!




‪Riccardo Magnani

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