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Leadership Development


In Frederic Laloux’s impressive book “Reinventing Organisations”, he says:


“What determines which stage an organisation operates from? It is the stage through which its leadership tends to look at the world…. This means that an organisation cannot evolve beyond its leadership’s stage of development.”


And what is so interesting for us about this now, is that unless you develop leaders who are:

  • Agile

  • Comfortable with uncertainty

  • Trustworthy

  • Trusting

  • Forward thinking

  • Comfortable with mistakes (as long as you learn from them)

  • Strategic thinkers

  • and action takers


You will not evolve.


At valueU we design leadership programmes that allow your people to experience what it means to have those skills, that enables them to practice and see the effects of what they do as they practice and hone those skills within your business, and that are perfectly aligned with what your organisation stands for and its direction. 

Remote Leadership

Increasingly organisations are finding that for a number of reasons, their people are no longer all or always in an office environment. This may be because:

Global reach requires a global team

Sales people are on the road and working from a home office

It is one of the routes to better engagement for the type of people that you want to work with

Reducing the overheads of an office is important to your business

And many more.

Being able to lead remote teams is increasingly becoming a core skill.

Any leadership programme for those leading remote teams will by nature, be mainly done remotely too so that your people can practice core skills whilst on the development path.

As a start to your Remote Leadership journey, here is a small ebook with the 6 truths of remote leadership










To talk about how we can work with your leaders so they can lead your organisation into the future, contact Sonia at or call us on 01202383343

Chairman & Chief Executive at TrustFord

‪Thanks for all the help in setting up the Ford of Europe Consumer Experience Movement Sonia. From 22 pilots to a pan-European movement -- that is a great proof point for "getting things done". Was a pleasure working on it with you.     Steve



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