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Executive Coaching

Creating and leading a 21st century organisation has its challenges…


  • How to you build agility within your people so that they embrace the new rather than fear it?

  • How do you keep your employees engaged and motivated in a way that they see the company as theirs and work as if it were theirs?

  • How do you create an environment that attracts and keeps the best as competition for them increases?

  • How do you build and maintain trust, which in turn enables your people to do their best?

  • And how do you do this in an increasingly global and networked world?


The answer is, with help


Over the last four years I have built a global team of coaching professionals founded on trust that encourages and enables growth for themselves and for our clients. Common values, accepted and agreed on behaviours and a true desire to do the best work we can, has made us successful as well as happy in our work.


So not only do we have the experience to help you do the same in your organisation, but as coaches, we also believe that you already have what it takes to be successful and that all you need is someone to help you find the answers that will work for you in your organisation right now.


We also have a global team of professional and seasoned coaches who can work with the leaders in your organisation. Working with a coach is a very personal journey and cultural and language fit must also be taken into account.

If you have a team of internal coaches, we are also able to partner with you by providing some external coaches to form part of the team for those leaders who are more comfortable working with someone outside the organisation, as well as provide professional supervision for the coaching teams.


If you are ready to take the next step in your own leadership journey, have a team of people that want to further develop their leadership skills or need a team of coaches globally to work with your teams, then get in touch now by emailing and we can talk about how best to move forward.


Executive coaching will unlock the true potential of an individual as well as create and support the alignment between what inspires them, their role and responsibilities and the direction of the business itself.


Executive coaching and how it works

Executive coaching will unlock the true potential of an individual as well as create and support the alignment between what inspires them, their role and responsibilities and the direction of the business itself.

Whether you use coaching for a one off intervention or as part of a leadership, talent or executive level development programme, I will work with you to design the most effective coaching package for you.

For a one to one executive coaching programme, I usually suggest 6 sessions of about 2 hours each spaced out monthly, with the first session being about goals for the coaching, and where either HR and or the line manager are invited to speak about their objectives for the coaching. However this can be as flexible as the objectives require.

If the information we can get from using a diagnostic tool is deemed to be important to the results required, then we will use it to inform the coaching and we are all trained in the use of a number of tools.


Some benefits of coaching:


  • Increases self awareness and self belief

  • Improves working relationships

  • Improves stress and conflict management

  • Reduces resistance to change

  • Helps develop and embed behaviours that will enable change

  • Improves communication skills

  • Clarifies goals, values and choices

  • Engenders career satisfaction

  • Develops strategic planning skills

  • Embeds learning from training workshops


Team coaching

Whether they are new teams, established teams, or even virtual teams, a coach will help maximise their performance by helping them to:


Create a common vision

Agree how the team is going to work

Be clear with each other about personal and career goals

Give feedback to each other

Identify internal and external obstacles

Surface and resolve conflict


In essence, make them more effective!


In team coaching we coach the entity that is the team as well as being aware of individual needs. We work with teams at all levels of the organisation from the shop floor to the Board.


Diagnostic tools can be really valuable when working with teams as it gives them a new common language. We use a number of them including True Colors, a fun and interactive tool and Motivational Maps, both of which help us:


  • Give the team a common language

  • Explore values and beliefs

  • Explore conflict and

  • Explore motivations and drivers


Career coaching and outplacement support

If you need to provide support to people taking on new roles within the organisation, to those who find themselves out of a job as a result of restructuring, or ongoing learning and support for those who stay on, then we can help you.


We offer a variety of programmes, including one to one and group sessions to help those needing to find new employment, or for those with new or different responsibilities following a period of intense change.


So whether your need is at the organisational, team or individual level, we will work with you to develop a tailored solution which will support your brand and your bottom line.

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