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Global coaching team

I am very fortunate to have an amazing network of coaches all around the world who have worked with me over the last few years. All the coaches have undertaken a rigorous screening process to ensure that they have both the technical and emotional skills required to enable their clients to achieve the results they are looking for.


If you need to find a coach for one of your leaders in a particular country who has the language and cultural knowledge to create rapport and understanding quickly, then let me know and I will introduce you to the relevant coach in our network.


If you already have an internal coaching pool and want to add some external coaches to work with those leaders who require someone with an outside perspective, then let’s have a conversation. We will be able to partner with you so that the internal and external coaches can also learn from each other. I also have a number of skilled coach supervisors who would be able to provide supervision for teams of coaches working on projects.


Another way to use coaching is to help participants on a course embed the learning. If you are running a leadership or management development programme in your organisation, contact me to talk about how coaching can help embed the learning after the programme.

Global Field Mentor at AMCI

Sonia is a powerful coach, mentor and leader. Her work in building an international coaching team in Europe became our template for role out around the world. Sonia has the rare ability to select, hire and train. She built our team from the ground up with very limited resources. Going from a pilot of 8 coaches to 80 coaches in 20 countries over 18 months. She is both an excellent executive coach and an equally brilliant mentor of other coaches. It is uncommon to find people who can both excel in a given area and still be able to teach and mentor others in the skill set, Sonia has this unique ability. Her greatest asset is her passion. Her ability to work to outcome and not to schedule allows her to produce results where other simply create activity. In a high tech/high touch world she is an invaluable link between people and process, as well as leadership and engagement. Sonia has an uncanny command of human relations and the ability to help leaders at all levels turn insight into action.


Chris Hunsicker

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