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At valueU we are experts in helping you define and enable success for your organisation, your people and for you as the leader.

We are always on the look out for tools that used expertly, will help you get there and Motivational Maps is definitely one of them.

Motivational Maps is the tool to build business success and profits by improving staff and team motivation, which leads to improved decision making, more effective communication and less conflict. 

So what is it?

The Motivational Map is an ISO accredited online self-perception inventory that crucially

focuses on motivation rather than personality. And when we talk about motivation we

mean the energy that drives people and therefore you can equate that to what engages

them. It takes all of 12 minutes to complete online and not only enables people to

understand what motivates them at a deeper level, but will also help them decide what to

do with that knowledge in order to improve their own performance as well as the teams’

and the organisations’.

Each individual who completes a map will receive a personalised report by return and will

either have feedback from a map practitioner or will have access to an online course that

will enable them to work through their map on their own.

There is a team map available for the manager and the leaders of the organisation could

also have access to an organisational map.

So now you will have the opportunity to look at engagement,  motivation and energy at an individual, team and

organisational level and take action appropriately.

We believe that this tool gives back some of the responsibility and accountability to the people in the organisation, to ensure they get what they need to feel energised and in flow.

How to use them

Individuals, teams and the organisation


Motivational Maps can help your organisation:

1. Improve team performance

2. Reduce stress and sickness and enhance well-being

3. Improve staff retention

4. Recruit the best candidate for every position

5. Leverage team performance and address motivational issues with team members

6. Reduce conflict

7. Impact sales, engagement and culture

8. Provide a common language through which everyone can understand what they want

and align with team and organisational objectives

9. Give management an overview of what is really going on with their employees

10.Provide a cost-effective change management tool that actually maps the changes of the

whole staff.

Individual Motivational

Maps identify how

strong each of the

preferences are in

relationship to each

other. A Map

practitioner can help

individuals and

managers use that

knowledge to improve

own career decisions

and management

skills. Ideal for

individuals, coaches

and managers

Team Motivational

Maps demonstrate

how motivated a team

is. a team Map is

created from the

combined results of

individuals in the team.

A team leader or

manager can work with

a Map Practitioner to

understand the

motivations of their

team. Ideal for leaders,

coaches, consultants

and trainers.

Using Motivational

Maps in an

organisation can show

them how their

employees motivators

appear against their

values, mission and

vision. The Maps

provide information

and insight at a much

deeper level that is

traditionally ascribed

to a “staff survey”.

Ideal for senior

management, L&D/

OD/HR teams,

engagement, change

and strategic

consultants, coaches

and trainers.

To find out more about Motivational Maps and how you can use them, download our guide here.

Or better still contact us to get a free Motivational Map and half an hour debrief session so that you can try it out for yourself.

To look at a sample report, click on the image below

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