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  • Sonia Gavira

Networked, open and fluid - another of the 5 key pillars for success in the 21st century

The next one of the pillars (although they are not really in an order) is:

Networked, Open and Fluid - Limitless connections inside and out

This is probably one of the biggest differences between companies that are ready for the 21st century and those that are not. It is easy nowadays to think that this means networked in a technological sense – and it does. Technology enables organisations to connect more easily with their customers, their suppliers, other companies in the sector and outside the sector in which they operate. But it is what the 21st century company does with that connection that is important.

Data exists and can be collected and yet how many organisations collect the data and then do not much with it? Companies who are 21st century ready use the data to get closer to their customers, to add value to their offer, to innovate. They ensure that the links to their suppliers, to competitors and to other companies they could learn from and collaborate with are strong and are used. Collaboration is encouraged, doors are opened so that more can be achieved rather than closed in order to guard secrets.

And it doesn’t only mean technology – it also speaks to the networks inside the organisation. Many companies operate in silos, each very good at their own thing but not very good at working with other departments for the greater good of the customer and the organisation. In fact, in our experience, what happens is that the customer falls into the grey space between departments.

Organisations that are 21st century ready are more open and fluid. The silos are broken down and the way they do it depends on how the organisation finds it best to operate. What there is, is an understanding that they are all responsible for achieving results and that they need to function as a whole. In this way the customer is always served and the organisation learns and grows.

Finally these organisations work outside in and inside out. Collaboration happens internally and externally and technology enables and serves this purpose.

  • How is your company organised?

  • How do you manage all stakeholders?

  • Who do you collaborate with?

  • Who are you looking to collaborate with?

  • What data do you collect and why?

  • How is it used?

  • What different journeys can your customer take?

  • How do you integrate all stakeholders?

Coming up next : Innovation- ideas, ingenuity and imagination or go to for more details on all 5 pillars.

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